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We were able to use the Life Force Watch App to bring together thousands of people from around the world.


Realizing there were some issues with the app's functionality we've been working to create a more robust platform, where Think Tanks, Assemblies, and various sub committees can form and have more control of their community.

We're happy to announce that we've done just that! We'll be transitioning members over from the Life Force Watch App for the next month, then closing it down on March 30th, 2021

This community is for the people to collaborate together to restore the planet. Check it out today!

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We each have a part to play in the greater Life Force community. Life Force encompasses all areas of life, and to begin, simultaneously launches five primary divisions. Each one of these divisions supports and interacts with the others.

We started this movement as a means of recruiting and organizing our veterans along with various civilian defense and patriot groups, to ensure the protection of the Peoples’ fundamental rights. From there the movement has grown exponentially. President Trump voiced his endorsement of our lawful efforts and we move to act as the Executive Order Enforcement and Human Rights Task Force, committed to protecting every living individual's right to safely live free as Americans according to the Law of the Land. 

As a coalition both dedicated to and knowledgeable of the true spirit of the Constitution, we step forward to serve in our personal best interests, in the best interests of posterity, and in the best interests of our fellow Americans.

We draw our authority from the powers latent in humans, inherent from birth, provided to us by our Creator and confirmed in the founding documents of this great nation. We recognize these rights are our responsibility. We walk worthy of the highest calling; taking action that is responsible; speaking with respect, purpose, and kindness; protecting those who cannot protect themselves; and standing against tyranny, terrorism, and all abuse of power. 

With this agreement we pledge to act as one body, trusting that all those who sign do the same. We embrace our moral obligation as Americans for America. We recognize that each of our established organizations was formed based on the historical integrity of those who came before us, willing to stand and claim their freedom so that we could have ours. We are the people, the guardians of freedom, protectors of history, and builders of the future. We acknowledge and accept our differences as unique individual members of a free nation. We use the immense power of diversity, love, and love of the freedom to be ourselves as the binding force that draws us together to stand as one unified body. 

On May 26th, 2020 according to the laws defined in the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, U.S. Constitution, the Great Law of Peace, and the Two Wampum Agreement of the Iroquois Nation, we exercise our right to establish this organized civilian task force that will be known as Life Force, for the reasons stated above.

Security Guard
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If you are a veteran, police officer, sheriff, agent, or someone serving on your local protection task force then the Life Force Protection Task Force is the place to make your visions of a true and just society come true. Official Life Force agents receive security clearance and access to the Key Intelligence and Military System, which provides the Task Force the tools to accurately identify someone's true record, background, and employment, in addition to supplying essential and accurate information in critical situations. 





Work Desk

Cyber Security, System Creation and Support - Tired of hackers stealing money from the people? Tired of the antiquated banking system? Tired of vital information being hacked, stolen, altered, and subverted? Tired of social media censorship? Are you willing to defend the rights of citizens around the world? This is the group for you. We are forming and enlisting think tanks, system creators, coders, cyber protection and more. Life Force offers the protection you need to create a better system for the world, one for the people by the people. 

Accountant at Work

Banking and Financial - Do you have experience in Banking/Financial matters? Are you aware of how corrupt the debt system is? Do you believe in returning the world to an “asset based” trading system? Tired of fees so high you would rather keep your money under your mattress, and tired the mortgage leverage game and the illegalities of it all? This is the place for you. A think tank of financial experts creating a new system for people across the world, one that is right and fair for all people.

Yoga Practice

Health, Wellness and Well being - Are you a scientist, doctor, research biologist, healer, spiritual advisor, counselor, nutritionist, or agriculturist? From cellular to spiritual, Life Force provides security, laboratories, healing centers, and the resources you need to help humanity flourish. True healers- this is the group for you!

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