United Network News is the new main stream and the only truth in media. G-FORCE is the first Professional Social Media Platforms dedicated to changing the world.

The Main Stream Media has become a propaganda machine for an antihuman agenda. We've launched the United Network News, the first network with the clearance to know the whole story that cares enough to tell you about it. Let's face it, until recently Social Media was just as powerful if not more so than the Main Stream. Based on our current "cancel culture" where the governments have tried to suppress the voice of the people by blocking those willing to tell the truth.

To address this injustice, and restore the voice of the people, we have launched the G-FORCE NETWORK. G-FORCE is more than just Social Media, it's professional media.
We've created this platform to do everything normal social media platforms do, but we have a purpose behind everything we do. G-FORCE is driven by Think Tanks created by inventors, project originators, idealists, healers, and innately humanitarian members who are dedicated to changing the world.

Global Restoration